Donna Hay

Welcome to THE LEAP

Investing in happiness: inspiring women to thrive together.

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Who are we?

From the creators of WILDWOMAN, the UK's first non-fiction, self-care subscription box we bring you our very first online only community. THE LEAP. A place for you to be present, empowered, inspired and a place for you to put yourself first.


Did you know that a group of leopards is called a 'leap'? That's one of the reasons behind the name for our brand new WILDWOMAN offering but it's also about the symbolism of the word 'leap'. To jump right in, to take the next step, to go for it.

And the leopard has been a symbol of WILDWOMAN since day one and so the name felt absolutely perfect for our community space.

But why are we launching this now?

Well, it's the first of much newness from WILDWOMAN. The biggest launch since our subscription box launched in August 2018. The biggest collaboration from our audience to make this the perfect space for you to be yourself through hours of surveys, collaborative focus groups and team brainstorming sessions.

If the pandemic and 2020 has taught us anything, it's that self care comes in all shapes, sizes, budgets (and books!) It is our promise at WILDWOMAN to give each and everyone access to what they need, no matter what. The Leap is the key.

What can you expect?

Reset your mindset

A place to switch off to allow yourself to switch back on. A place for you to take what you need, when you need it.

Meaningful connections

A secure, safe and private place for you to connect with women like you, without the need for a Facebook profile or WILDWOMAN box subscription.

Totally unique experiences

Connect with our approved WILDWOMAN experts and immerse yourself in unique experiences, on demand. All our experiences will feel like a giant hug.

Grow at your own pace

Partnered with The WILDWOMAN Promise - wherever you are in your journey, no matter what's going on for you, The Leap will always be accessible.